Arrogance: The 2.0 Killer

Let’s face it, most of us disdain arrogance, yet some of us practice this unbecoming behavior unintentionally. In this very competitive world, it is very difficult to exude confidence to make people believe in you without sounding arrogant, but yet that challenge is what each of us must consider when managing our brands.

As brand fanatics, we align ourselves to certain brands in both our personal and professional lives. How would you feel if that trusted brand started trying to make itself look good by putting the competition down or embarrassing you? Would you still be a brand fanatic? For how long?

The further downside to this is that all this does is give the competition motivation to go after you harder and with more passion than ever before. Hardly the thing that most of us want.

Conversely, being humble seems to endear people to you. That sense that this person is good and success hasn’t gone to their heads. This is a quality I try to nurture inside and out. Without people who believe in you and want you to succeed, especially in the 2.0 space, you probably won’t achieve the success that you want.

For me personally, humble is about admitting I don’t know it all, wanting to listen to people and then show that there is action based on their input. Sometimes it’s explaining in more detail why you’ve come to a decision that they may not like. But perhaps the most important thing is to respect people. If you show people respect, you are more likely to get them to believe in you.

Whether representing your company brand or your personal brand, it’s vital to keep arrogance out of your message.

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