Google: To Serve Man?

We consciously and unconsciously give up more and more of our information and private data to Google, all under the premise that “We shall do no evil”. Recently I watched the CNBC Special Inside the Mind of Google by Maria Bartiromo. This really makes me think of the old Twilight Zone episode To Serve Man.


While we make the decision with every search we make, every e-mail we send to give up a little bit of privacy, all feeling perfectly safe and often times wanting to give them more. We share things with Google that we wouldn’t share with our shrink or our significant other, all thinking that it’s private.

It is obvious to me that we are possibly not realizing the potential consequences of our actions and when we do finally realize, it will be too late. I have always said, “We are one bad earnings report away from Google misusing my personal data”. While this may seem extreme, the question is who is Google’s loyalty to, its users or its shareholders? What do you think?