Social – It’s about being yourself

Occasionally, I want to share posts that I post internally with a broader audience that I believe we all face in the Enterprise 2.0 space. This post was a result of real conversations that I’ve had with people about our internal social collaboration space (called: “Engage”).

From: thedailyblonde.comI’ve had some interesting dialog with people lately about Engage. From “My boss is making us do this ‘Engage thing'” to “I don’t have time”, to “This is so confusing”. These are all real concerns and apprehensions. I believe that as a community, it is our job to welcome and help these people face and perhaps overcome these apprehensions and help them “fit in”.

One of the biggest surprises I heard was that, “I feel I can be much less formal in e-mail than I can on Engage”. I must say that this really surprised me. But, I do understand the concern. The thought that my content is up for a potentially much broader audience is a reflection on the poster, raising the pressure. I really hope that we are not driving people to think that way, and hopefully Ben’s blog (Our CEO) goes a long way to show that we want to be a casual bunch and have real conversations. It is through casual dialog that we will lead to better understanding. Being understanding of mistakes is much more productive than blasting people for mis-speaking. Being supportive of different views instead of flaming them all will lead to a more robust and hopefully energetic conversation.

Please help everyone understand that it is important to make the conversation casual and quick as opposed to polished and slow. It is through interaction that ideas and content will mature.